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Benefits Of Supplier

1. Benefits of Becoming a TSQ Wholesale supplier.

We treat our suppliers like our partner, they are our life blood, we virtually try to eliminate all the supplier sales related cost & supplier savings would be passing through towards our customer purchases. TSQ Wholesale & TSQ suppliers combining efforts we would be able to offer wholesale price to our valuable customers. Please click here for supplier inquiries.

*Paid Daily      *Free Rent      *No Selling Required       *No Employee Required       *Free Utility       *Free Warehousing

“We do not focus in the short-term on maximizing prices charged, but instead seek to maintain…pricing authority…Our investments in merchandise pricing can, from time to time, include reducing prices on merchandise to drive sales or meet competition and holding prices steady despite cost increases instead of passing the increases on to our members, all negatively impacting near-term gross margin as a percentage of net sales (gross margin percentage).

But from where then does TSQ Wholesale will gain profits?

Partly from memberships, which bring in predictable revenue and deter theft (think customer loyalty).

Our membership sales and prices as well as average sales of our warehouse: 

  • Business Membership: taka- 1500
  • Gold Star Membership: taka- 1500
  • Executive Business Membership: taka-3500 
  • Executive Gold Star Membership: taka-3500

2. How Tsq Shoppers will See Tsq Wholesale

One of the many benefits of becoming a Tsq Wholesale supplier will be leveraging Tsq’s massive  customer base.  

  • Shoppers will be  attracted principally by the quality of merchandise and the availability of low prices.
  • TSQ Wholesale located in pubachal suburban area because it takes lots of space to store customers monthly shopping bulk purchase.
  •  TSQ Wholesale membership renewal rate will be approximately 91% or higher year after year.
  • Executive members (spend more than other members) represented 69% of the sales revenue compared to basic household members.
  • Younger members will be increasingly using computers, tablets, mobile phones, and other devices to shop and interact with Tsq wholesale through social media 


While there are several key differences between the typical in-store vs. online shopper, TSQ Wholesale customers will be loyal to the TSQ recommended  brand–not necessarily product brands.  

“Tsq members and non-members alike will trust what Tsq wholesale will sell”

TSQ customers will be expecting value, not necessarily “cheap” prices, meaning they are willing to pay higher prices for both quality and quantity. 

3. TSQ Wholesale in-store shelf space

  • TSQ Wholesale in-store shelf space will be very competitive 
  • “TSQ Wholesale will be carring average of approximately 150,000 active stock keeping units (SKUs) per warehouse in our core warehouse business, significantly less than other broadline retailers.”
  • TSQ Wholesale will opt for private labels…but on specific terms 
  • “TSQ also purchase private label merchandise, as long as quality and member demand are comparable and the value to our members is greater as compared to brand-name items.” 

4. TSQ Wholesale Sales Channels


There are two channels where customers can access Tsq Wholesale:

  • Online shopping site 
  • Tsq Wholesale stores: Tsq Wholesale warehouses located in purbachal Times square.

5. How TSQ Wholesale suppliers Benefit from Advertising

One of the greatest testaments to TSQ Wholesale success and profitability is that the company will spend next to nothing on advertising – severe savings in our marketing budget will allows TSQ Wholesale to profit from decent margins.

For instance, if TSQ Wholesale spent the same amount on advertising as local supershop does, which is about 2.2% of revenue, tsq’s operating profit would be slashed by 75%.

In terms of print advertising, TSQ Wholesale will only be sending out direct mailers and coupons. Digital advertising for TSQ suppliers, however, is a bit different. Although suppliers will have minimal control over ad creative and little control over ad copy, TSQ digital ads will massively impact tsq’s business. 

Why? Well, TSQ shoppers will be heavily influenced by tsq’s recommendations, and even a Tsq-branded banner ad will  boost supplier sales. 

Another positive benefit of TSQ digital advertising is their ordering process. When marketing with TSQ, you do not need to pay upfront for a banner ad or email shoutout. Instead, TSQ Wholesale will deduct your advertising costs from your profits.

6. How Is Different Than TSQ In-Store

All brand manufacturers will be TSQ Wholesale supplier. 

There is no third-party marketplace where you can sell your products, manage your ads, or tweak your listings. 

As a Tsq wholesale supplier, you have two options:

  • sell on 
  • sell in Tsq wholesale store.
  • Or both, if you meet the conditions.

TSQ Wholesale In-Store

Your ability to get onto the shelves of a Tsq wholesale warehouse really boils down to two things: shelf space and category.

Between becoming a TSQ supplier online or offline, there’s no superior place to sell your products. Either one could be profitable depending on your product.

TSQ Wholesale shoppers are typically focused on filling up their carts with bulk purchase of fish,meat,fruits,vegetable and paper goods–health and beauty products are afterthoughts or impulse buys.

Generally, you’ll see name-brands on TSQ Wholesale shelves, while you’ll see smaller brands online. Unless you can prove your product has a rabid fan base or that you can provide better value than other brands or products, your best bet is to sell on

7. Tsq Wholesale Many Product Categories


Times square wholesale not just limited to global consumer brands  and massive quantities of fish, meat, fruits, vegetables. In addition to their in-store selection of freshly made, foods, bekary  and even gas stations, auto tunnel var wash here are the Tsq Wholesale product categories online:

  • Electronics 
  • Computers 
  • Appliances 
  • Furniture & Mattresses 
  • Tires & Auto 
  • Floral, Gifts, & Tickets 
  • Jewelry & Watches 
  • Patio, Lawn, & Garden 
  • Home Improvement 
  • Home & Kitchen 
  • Office Products 
  • Clothing & Luggage 
  • Health & Beauty 
  • Baby, Kids, & Toys 
  • Grocery, Household, & Pet 
  • Sports & Fitness, etc.

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