Tsq wholesale Code of Ethics

To continually provide our customers with quality goods and services at the lowest possible prices. In order to achieve our mission, we will conduct our business with the following code of ethics in mind:

  1. Obey the law

The law is irrefutable! Absent a moral imperative to challenge a law, we must conduct our business in total compliance with the laws of every community where we do business.

  1. Take care of our members

Tsq wholesale membership is open to business owners, as well as individuals. Our members are our reason for being – the key to our success. If we don’t keep our members happy, little else that we do will make a difference. There are plenty of shopping alternatives for our members, and if they fail to show up, we cannot survive. Our members will have extended a trust to Tsq wholesale by virtue of paying a fee to shop with us. We will succeed only if we do not violate the trust they have extended to us, and that trust extends to every area of our business.

  1. Take care of our employees

Our employees are our most important asset. We will be training and developing the employees to become the best employee from the fresh graduates or completely new comers in the industry for our  warehouse and we are committed to providing them with rewarding challenges and ample opportunities for personal and career growth. We pledge to provide our employees with:

Competitive wages

Great benefits

A safe and healthy work environment

Challenging and fun work

Career opportunities

An atmosphere free from harassment

An Open Door Policy that allows access to ascending levels of management to resolve issue

We will be rewarding the performers,For exampleToday walmart, costco, samsclub have location general managers and CEO who were once merchandise stockers and service assistants or who started in clerical positions. We believe that Tsq wholesale future executive officers will be promoted from currently working in our Warehouses, Depots and Buying Offices, as well as in our Home and Central Offices.

  1. Respect our suppliers

Our suppliers are our partners in business, and for us to prosper as a company, they must prosper with us.

  1. Times square Ltd Confidential Ethics

We encourage suppliers to report at our hotline number 01930003000 of possible violations & raise issues involving personal misconduct by Times square Ltd employees or employees of Tsq wholesale suppliers, including:

>>Conflicts of interest;

>>Gifts, favors, entertainment, and other payments;

>>Confidential information;

>>Discrimination and sexual harassment.

  1. Gratuities

Tsq wholesale employees cannot accept gratuities from suppliers, members/customers, or service agencies with whom Tsq wholesale presently does business, has done business with in the past, or any firm that may be considered for future business. Gratuities are interpreted to include gifts, moneys, trips, meals, lodging or special favors. Tsq wholesale also restricts its employees from giving gratuities.any proven such misconduct will result in instant legal recourse.

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